What is PRM Deals?

PRMDeals is the easiest Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software. It is delivered as a SaaS solution so organizations large and small can improve their partner or channel revenues. Transform your sales team and project a professional image. With PRMDeals, you will be able to streamline all your partner relations so that you can get the benefit of a well organized sales and partner program.

Who needs PRM?

Do you want to close more sales? Partner or channel management can be a critical component in achieving more for your sales team. If you're in business to reach sales and efficiency goals, then PRMDeals is for you. PRM system is for companies who want to increase their sales yields. It is intuitive, secure and easily scalable. Not sure if PRMDeals is right for you? Get a live demo and find out. You can also set up for your free account to start seeing how easy and intuitive PRMDeals makes partner management.

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