PRMDeals grew out of a deep frustration with the “nickel and diming” of the Partner Relationship Management or Channel Relationship Management industry. Look around, search Google. You won’t find straight forward pricing information, a free trial or even helpful staff to answer a few basic questions. Ok I am glad we got that out of the way.

The second reason and most important one at that is that we have been right where you are. Having successfully created several software platforms and technology products, we have been looking at ways to increase our efficiency, improve our sales and bring order into our new business development efforts. We had a ton of requests from vendors who wanted to market our product or at least refer us to their customers and earn commission for their efforts. Pretty simple stuff, but we simply did not have the tools to accommodate this. Download our free brochure.

So we went out researched, called companies and sat through demos (heck we even had to pay for a few third rate system -- just to talk to sales). After analyzing what we had encountered, we realized that the PRM programs that were being offered lacked simplicity, were overpriced and terribly executed our basic requirements. We decided it was time to see if we could design a PRM system that we will be proud to use internally. We liked what we saw and decided to offer it to the world.

So here we are: Try PRMDeals free for 60 days. If you don’t like it, tell us, if you do, tell us too.

Why the name PRMDeals? Well we wanted a name that reflected a broad industry terminology like PRM (Partner Relationship Management). We also wanted the fact that our customers and their partners simply wanted to register deals! So PRM + Deals =